Melina here!

I am on a journey. A spiritual journey. Life hasn’t always been easy, and as a consequence – I haven’t either. Once I hit that point of realisation that I wasn’t doing myself a favour with all the walls I had built up, I turned to yoga, meditation and spirituality to break those walls down. As I become more grounded in myself, I am ready to share my journey with others. As I seek more spiritual wisdom, I seek to share that light with the world. I am the eternal student.

In this day and age where only the highlights are shared all over social media, but depression and burn-out seems to rise equally I find myself wondering what it is about our life that we are not getting. Are we doing what we should be doing in order to achieve peace, happiness, belonging?

This is my journey. I am learning, I am sharing and I want to take you on this journey with me. We can offer each other wisdom, insights and, if nothing else, eternal light. I am taking my time discovering myself, and the universe within me and ask you to join me.