Yoga journey

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for the past couple of years. During my last pregnancy, I really got into it again, only to now realise that I had not done the one thing that I said I would do. Take time.

So I’m taking it back to the start. I want to be taking the time to truly start understanding and experiencing yoga. Taking time to get to learn the poses. Experience the asanas. What does it feel like in my body? Enter my yoga journey. I will be exploring a new pose every week. During that week I will be digging into the theory of the pose, challenging myself to experience the pose and reflecting on the pose.

I am so excited about this journey! I feel like I am starting where I should start: at the beginning. I am looking forward to the experience and learning new things. What better time to start than now, ey?

I’ve set a couple of ground rules for myself. I need to learn more about the meaning of the pose, I need to practice it at least two times a day for ten breaths and I’ve decided to make this a ‘no spend ‘ challenge. So no new mat, no new yoga pants, and all of the information should come from sources that I already have access to. I don’t want this journey to become about the stuff, but about the learning. So I’ll be getting my info from books in the library and online from all those great people who share their knowledge.

Will you join me? Connect with me on Instagram to share your experience, ideas and tips!

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