Mind the language

I sometimes have the tendency to run my mouth. Cussing in Croatian especially has such a satisfying ring to it, it just slides off my tongue. However, I have no choice but to acknowledge that the language I use has a profound effect on my circumstances and on how I feel. In addition, I have small kids around me who have a little sensor for all words bad and are teeny tiny copycats, resulting in a “do as I say, not as I do (and speak!)” type of situation. Hardly very beneficial. So why not practice mindfulness in language and speaking?

I strongly believe that everything you send out comes back to you. Citing Oprah and her beloved third law of motion: for every action, there eis an equal and opposite reaction. Every word that I speak, will come back to me. And in all honesty, I need to avoid that boomerang listening to myself and the words coming out of my mouth. It may appear that I throw out the F bomb every couple of minutes, which is hardly the case. But I acknowledge that there are a lot of words that I use that are less than kind. I need to always be speaking in the manner that I wish to be spoken to.

What you dwell on and talk about is what you become. So why not make an effort to have the language that I use be one of kindness, forgiveness and positivity? Why not focus on the good, instead of that which is bad. I think that many things in life are not an attitude, but a practice. So I want to do my best to practice kindness in my language.

Initial results of this practice have come back positive. I am trying this with my kids now, and fights escalate far less often and I can see that my offspring is far more inclined to listen to what I’m actually saying when I am doing it in a mindful and kind way. And not to mention my own mood – I truly become what I speak. Speaking kindness, I become kindness – which is a joyful event beyond expression.

Stay awesome,


Image by Prawny from Pixabay

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