The intent is intention

“That was the day she made herself promise that she would live more from intention and less from habit” Amy Rubin Flett

It’s one of those things that once you realise you haven’t been doing, it becomes so darn obvious in every part of your life. Am I getting up in the morning with intention? Am I eating with intention? Am I actually living with intention?

It is so easy to get caught up in life and all its responsibilities. I am certainly not making a case to start avoiding all those responsibilities, I am questioning whether we can engage with those responsibilities with a little more mindfulness. The last thing any of us will want is to find out during the winter of our life, that we had wanted to spend the summer of our life living a different life, but we just never took the time to be intentional with our thoughts and actions.

The greatest thing about starting to live with intentionality is that you start to realise that you have a choice. We have a choice in how we spend our days. We have a choice in where we work. We have a choice in where we live. We have a choice in whom we spend our time with. Can you see how liberating that is? Once you start living with intention, you start seeing the choices that you are making and the opportunities that come from those choices.

Don’t kid yourself, and don’t go overboard. You won’t be able to be intentional every minute of every hour of every day. Sometimes you will catch yourself being unintentional and drift back. There will be days that you get caught up simply because that is how life works. But don’t use is as an excuse either not to start at all.

WCYDN (What Can You Do Now)

  • Jot it down. Yes, make a ritual for yourself and start writing down your intention. What is your intention for this day?
  • Invest in yourself. And no, I don’t mean financially. Invest in getting to know yourself. Know where your heart lies, know how it is that you want to spend your time. Really, take your time and enjoy the journey of getting to know you, for it is then that you will get to know what you enjoy.
  • Beware, do not compare! Stop the comparison game. This game knows only losers. What you can do however, is be inspired. When somebody else is doing something that you are in awe of, examine why that is. What is it that that person is doing that you may want for yourself?

Are you living intentionally? What is your greatest obstacle? I would love to connect and hear from you!

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