Hi, I’m Melina! Mother to two amazing boys and one awesome girl, and wife to a great husband.

I’m knee deep in my thirties now and feel like despite all the education I have had I am missing one very important (if not the most important) piece of knowledge – how do I get good at living life? How do I maintain loving relationships, how do I raise my kids well, how do I treat my body well, how do I make the most out of myself and how am I of most value during my time here? Many questions, very few answers. The answers are out there for a big part, but finding the lessons and combining these into a full fledged life is another.

While I think I’m doing quite ok, and I really think I am – life hasn’t always been easy. I lost my mother at an early age, and was subsequently sent to live with my aunt and her husband together with my brother. I know on a rational level that my father was just not capable of taking care of us, but I am still questioning what it has done to me emotionally. But my aunt is truly an angel – she took care of us in a way that I will never be able to repay. The fact that she doesn’t want me to, only proves my point. During our stay with her we end up being part of a war. An actual war. Hiding in bunkers, the church bells going off to raise the alarm, no lights after 7 PM. In hindsight, I think I get more scared now than I was at the time. I was uprooted once again, going back to the country where I once came from only to find out that I don’t speak the language anymore and feel like an outcast. It is only now that I am truly starting to understand the impact of that transition. It is only now that I see that I went from an extroverted girl to someone who is withdrawn out of fear to not know what to say or do in a culture that doesn’t feel like my own whilst everyone around me thought I was coming home.

Fast forward to years later. I got myself educated, I have my Master’s degree, a career that’s going well. A family that I have always dreamed of and a husband who is more supportive than I give him credit for. I have learned a lot, but am finding out that some learning comes not from education but from family, friends and the desire and need to love and be loved. From a desire to be my truest self, and to honor my spirit and explore my talents. To honor the Universe that has given me the opportunity to take a place here. I have to admit that those lessons have passed me by. I haven’t learned yet.

So I am on a mission. What are the lessons that I need to learn? How do I combine the emotional, spiritual, physical, mental? I am taking the time to find that out. That is my quest. Will you join me?